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ICOBox Announces the Conclusion of Its ICOS Program

ICOBox Announces the Conclusion of Its ICOS Program
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ICOBox, one of the world’s leaders in ICO marketing, has decided to conclude its ICOS program, which was originally established to help promising but underfunded new projects gain access to the tools developed by ICOBox for selling their goods and services via ICOs.

In a little over 18 months into its operations, the program has received 4,555 applications, and 200 projects were selected as participants. In this time, over 600 tokens swaps were carried out.

In the next two months, the platform will operate as follows:

  • March 15-31, 2019: final swaps for the remaining projects;

  • April 1-14, 2019: all tokens which remained unexchanged will be made available for exchange. During this time, users will also be able to deposit in the program tokens that they have previously withdrawn from the platform;

  • April 14, 2019: the token exchange process will finally conclude;

  • April 14-30, 2019: ICOS program will be available for withdrawals only, at no charge;

  • May 1, 2019: the use of the platform will be subject to a monthly fee payable in tokens stored in the users’ accounts. The information about the charges will be reflected in ICOBox’s amended White Paper and Terms of Service and posted on the website.

  • ICOS program was originally established to support the launch and development of new promising startups through the issue of ICOS tokens. One of the program’s key advantages is the opportunity to exchange ICOS tokens for tokens issued by new projects through the platform. All collected funds are used to cover the ICO costs for projects selected by the vote of ICOS token holders.

    ICOBox was founded in 2017. In just a little over a year the company evolved from an unknown startup to the world’s largest service provider for blockchain companies seeking to conduct their ICOs. Over its lifetime, the company helped 80 projects enter the market and collect about $670 million via their ICOs. Among them are such well-known projects as INS, Universa, Play2Live, Crypterium, Celsius, Patron, Storiqa, Paragon, Tokenstars, CrowdGenie, SocialMedia.Market, Native Video Box, etc.

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