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Here’s Why Ripple (XRP) Is Perfect for the Unbanked

Here’s Why Ripple (XRP) Is Perfect for the Unbanked

One of the primary reasons for
creating Bitcoin is to reach people in the unbanked and under-banked areas.
However, one cryptocurrency that is achieving that goal is XRP, with its
cross-border remittance practically available in all parts of the world.

XRP Helping Drive Crypto Adoption

Ripple and its cryptocurrency, XRP,
have been at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption to the unbanked and
under-banked regions of the world. Ripple continues to release solutions that
help banks and other financial institutions carry out faster and cheaper
cross-border payments.

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Roel Wolfert, a Managing Partner at
VGRIP, says
“By slashing cross-border
remittance times to minutes, #blockchain-enabled services are attracting users
who typically aren’t banked.” He made this statement in a blog post about
the contribution of blockchain technology in the Middle Eastern financial

The adoption of Ripple and XRP by
payment service providers in various parts of the globe is an important reason
why cryptocurrencies are getting more attention. A few hours ago, Wietse Wind,
an XRPTipBot developer, announced that Google and Apple App Stores accepted their
XRPayments app.

According to his tweet,

on time!

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