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Bitcoin Cash News - IntoCryptoNews.comWhat is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash was officially released in August 2017. Its technology is very similar to Bitcoin, and there is also the same amount of coins — 21 million.

Anyone that held Bitcoin on the day that Bitcoin Cash was created automatically received free Bitcoin Cash! The fortunate people who were holding Bitcoin received Bitcoin Cash at a ration of 1:1.

The main purpose of Bitcoin Cash is to be used as a payment system. This means that just like the original Bitcoin client, people can send and receive funds. However, Bitcoin Cash’s technology allows much faster transaction times and lower transaction fees!

Many people thought that those who received their free Bitcoin Cash would sell it as soon as they could, but this hasn’t been the case. Since it was released in August 2017, Bitcoin Cash has performed very well. It is currently a top 5 cryptocurrency and is also listed on Coinbase.

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